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Lattice Almond

List Price: $17.95
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Item Number: 8741
Manufacturer: SWAROVSKI


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This is a very cool prism! We used to call it the "Waffle Almond"...but we decided there wasn't much mystique to that name. Who wants to hang a waffle in their window??? Lattice Almond...much better!! What's cool about this one is the way the facets are almost looks like Swarovski made this giant sheet of diamond cuts...and then used an almond shaped cookie cutter to cut out this piece. Seriously, now...this prism is sharp, makes fabulous rainbows, and has a facet pattern that is totally unique. Go for the 50mm...worth every penny. Available in 38mm (1.5") and 50mm (2"). Predrilled for easy hanging. Fishline included.

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