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Swarovski Ball Lead Free

List Price: $8.95
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Item Number: 8551AQ
Manufacturer: SWAROVSKI


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Faceted Ball Lead Free
The ultimate Rainbow Maker. It's Ultimate Swarovski. The perfectly cut, perfectly polished, perfectly brilliant Swarovski faceted ball in the lead free version. By far and away the best selling prism we have...and for good reason. With dozens and dozens of perfectly triangular factes, every one of them producing a full spectrum rainbow, when the sun hits this prism your sunny kitchen, family room or bedroom will dance with delight. Spin the crystal and the rainbows turn into comet streaks of colored light...simply amazing. The 20mm is as cute as a button, ready to hang in any window, car, or as the perfect Christmas ornament on a sparkling tree. The 30mm is even better at all these...the 40mm makes for bigger rainbows...the 50 is just unbelievable. Available in 20mm (.8"), 30mm (1.2"), 40mm (1.6"), 50mm (2).  Predrilled for easy hanging; fishline included.

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