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Faceted Heart Prism Bordeaux Red

List Price: $12.95
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Item Number: 8781 BO
Manufacturer: SWAROVSKI


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Faceted Heart

With facets coming together in the center of the heart to form a shining star, Swarovski's Faceted Heart is our second best selling shape. With large, triangular facets, this piece make big rainbows! What can be said about the Heart? It's love, it's courage, it's's heart! All are embodied in this brilliant Bordeaux Red Heart! Want colors? The Faceted Heart comes in every color Swarovski offers! Want it clear? We got it. Want Bordeaux Red (shown here), Green, Rosealine?? Got it. Sapphire, Violet, Aurora Borealis? We have them all (see separate listings for colors). Available in 28mm (1.12”) Predrilled for easy hanging. Fishline included.

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