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Crystal Cove was founded in 1985, but the story really starts in 1983. I was living in central Pennsylvania when I got a part time job at a shop selling Swarovski crystal prisms at our local mall. A few weeks later, I was managing the store. I slowly organized the shop - I made new displays for the crystals, emphasizing the Swarovski name, and I stressed customer service above all. Sales got better, and the owner came down to find out "why". I was offered upper management positions on the spot. Shortly afterward I became the regional manager, and two years later, I bought out one of the company stores (with $2300... all the money I had)... and Crystal Cove was born. We even had a cool sign.


By 1988, I had moved the family to Virginia, and by 1993 I had five Crystal Cove stores and a pushcart open. I have always believed in paying my help well and putting customer service above all... it always comes back to you... and it did then as it does now. We were blessed with some first rate managers from the start. Thank you Barbara, Debbie and Rita and Trish - we will never forget your dedication. We were buying so much Swarovski crystal and fantasy pewter at such good prices that I decided to start wholesaling crystal as well, so in late 1991 Crystal Cove's first catalog came out. It was almost two pages long, and it had 30 Swarovski products! Wholesale was a lot more fun than retail, and it allowed me to spend more time with my kids. As the wholesale business grew, I closed the crystal stores one by one. The last one closed in 1995, but we at Crystal Cove Gifts have never forgotten what it is like in the trenches of the retail world. Trish made the move to wholesale with us and has been with us ever since. More than anyone I have ever known, she embodies the spirit of customer service that once was so pervasive in our country. Our stores were founded on customer service, and we hold to that ethic with our wholesale and retail web site service. It's the only way to run a family business... or any business.


It was 1995. Our wholesale business had grown and we were shipping to retailers nationwide. I was at the Washington DC gift show. Some guy walks into my booth, tells me he's ex CIA (no names or I could be shot)... and shows me this piece of crystal with an image inside if it. Revolutions in the crystal gift industry do not come about often (the last one was when Swarovski came out with colored crystals)... but this was one of them. We made an agreement, and Lexington Laser Art was born. Crystal Cove pioneered the marketing of the crystal product that so many are now familiar with... the laser imaging of crystals with focal point energy releasing lasers. Our illustrious customer list for these crystal items has included two Presidents, the State Department, Boeing, the Senate and House of Representatives, the Kennedy Space Center, the Smithsonian, Billy Graham, the Dept. of the Interior, the Navy, Marine Corps and Army... and many, many more.


In 2001, our product line had increased to include tons of Swarovski crystals and thousands of crystal, pewter and sterling products in three wholesale catalogs. Crystal Cove changed its name to Crystal Cove Gifts in 2003 to better convey the diversity of our product line. We have, as much as possible, marketed Made in USA products. Our pewter is all cast in the USA, our laser crystals are imaged here in the USA (using imported crystals... as there are none available domestically), and our sterling silver line is proudly cast and assembled in the USA. Our crystal prisms are, of course, from Swarovski Austria. There is simply no alternative to their quality, and there are no US manufacturers of crystal prisms. In that respect, as opposed to our competitors, we have stuck to selling nothing but Swarovski Strass and Spectra crystals. While other vendors have "caved" and started selling Chinese, Egyptian, Turkish and Korean prisms to "supplement" their Swarovski lines, we have stayed true to quality above all and to this day sell only Swarovski prisms... And here we are today, eager to serve you the best we can!! Customer Service. In our minds, it's still an American Icon. September, 2007. This is our first retail web site, and many who read this will recognize it as a work in progress... which it indeed is. In time, with work and perseverance, it will be as good a reflection of our dedication to customer service as our past endeavors have been. If not at the time you read this, soon there will be a link for wholesale customers to view our catalogs online as well. Happy shopping, God Bless you, our country and our servicemen and women, here and abroad, to whom we proudly dedicate this site.